Wednesday, July 2, 2008



Yumi said...

Oh Susan! Every piece that you add to this site is more impressive and insightful than the next. I hope your art is as healing to you as it is to everyone that sees it!!

Love, Yumi

joe said...

I simply love this. Much like your pieces depicting the mall as a larger presence, this has the same dynamic. A ripple that is almost sexual. I don't mean to stray from connotations of your blog...I have compared notes and have found the same inference... maybe the presence we all speak of boils down to some primal instinct. The notion that when someone walks into the room behind you and you can sense them is very primal indeed. For no tangible reason, tangible that is..., the ripple is sensed. I think we have all experienced it...and with luck still do on a daily basis and are smart enough to see.