Thursday, July 7, 2016

Serena Williams

If you want to feel improved by watching mastery at work, to say "Wow" and give your mirror neurons a workout, watch some tennis this weekend. Serena Williams may well be the greatest woman athlete of all time. Her play is a work of art created by her own dedication and discipline. Watching her is an uplifting experience.

Tennis is the High Art of sports, beautiful to watch and inspiring to motivation. In the forty years I've been a fan only Steffi Graf has won 22 major championships. This Saturday morning Serena Williams, at 34 years of age, will play to tie that record. And if if she doesn't win, she will eventually. Her mastery is too solid. I have no doubt that she will tie and surpass that record, because like Roger Federer, she's a jewel of the sport. He's also playing beautifully and could be in the finals. The Women's Finals are Saturday morning at nine and the Men's Sunday morning at nine.

The aesthetics of the court and play, the sophisticated mental game that surprises and delights, combined with the individuality of each players styles and I'm awash in admiration. Very good brain chemistry. Add to that the stamina, focused intelligence and coordination unmatched by any other sport.   At the pinnacle of the sport Serena is the kind of example that the US should be celebrating as a national treasure. Novak Djokavic is a national hero in Serbia but you seldom hear the name of Serena Williams even as she approaches this historic record. If attention was paid to real accomplishment more might be inspired by their example and experience the pleasure that comes from challenge. So I highly recommend "Breakfast at Wimbledon" this weekend.

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