Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Ten Years of Seeing Meaning

"Material Dimension"  Most viewed image on blog

I launched this blog in April of 2008 and it’s been a pleasure to share thoughts and images that express my sense of what a picture can show about what matters.  On the occasion of this tenth anniversary I want to thank everyone who has stopped here to read or look, and think about how meaning is expressed visually. By showing what’s significant, art expands perception Developing the wisdom of the overview will be more useful to a rapidly changing future, than preset ideas. To trust what we see puts universal values at the core and takes every situation for the unique experience it is rather than filtered by labels and categories.
Having readers from ninety countries shows that these are ideas that resonate all over the world. There is a global shift of consciousness that is spreading as the necessary foundation for effective future thought.
To celebrate my ten years sharing these ideas, here are the links to my five most popular essays in order.

Here are the top five images.




"Cool Under Fire"


What a pleasure it’s been to emphasize a shift to perceptual thinking that feels necessary and that uses an untapped capacity it’s time to put to use. Hopefully more will share their ideas on the same concepts, and if they do, in the future I will take advantage of the opportunity for dialogue and comment back.


wefflet said...

Wow, can't believe it's been ten years! Been reading your blog since its inception. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, Susan.
Kindly yours,
Steph Spinks (MICA '08)

Susan Waters-Eller said...

Thanks for staying with me Steph. I still remember your class fondly.